Update of the Oral program schedule here.

  Materials and Products Connections Structural Systems
Buildings and Structures Serviceability /
Fire Safety / Rehabilitation
Past, Present and Future
                    MONDAY AUGUST 11
8:30 WCTE-FPS Opening
Keynote Speaker: Jean-Claude Mercier
Quebec : the City that Wood Built
9:30 Keynote Speaker: Robert Malczyk
Canadian Timber Renaissance
11:00 CLT I Moment Resisting Connections Composite Systems I Innovative Structures Serviceability I Architectural Achievements I
13:40 CLT II Connections
Performance I
Composite Systems II Buildings (seismic) I Serviceability II Architectural Achievements II
15:40 CLT III Connections
Performance I
Composite Systems III Buildings (seismic) II Serviceability III Architectural Achievements III
19:00 WCTE Welcome Ceremony
                   TUESDAY AUGUST 12
Keynote Speaker: Ian de la Roche
Wood Products and Construction; A Cornerstone of the Emerging Bio-economy
10:20 Grading and Quality Control Innovative Connections I Traditional Structures Tall Buildings I (Canadian Guide) Fire Safety I Design and Design Tools
12:00 Guest Speaker: Paola Deda
The Role of Forest Products in Sustainable Building for a Green Economy of the Future
13:40 Structural Performances I Innovative Connections I Light-Frame (seismic) Tall Buildings II Fire Safety I Trends in Wood Construction I
15:40 Structural Performances II Connections Design I CLT Structures Assessment / Upgrading Fire Safety III Trends in Wood Construction II
19:00 FPS Reception (optional)
                WEDNESDAY AUGUST 13
Keynote Speaker: Randolph Langenbach
Taking the “Frame” out of “Timber Frame” Earthquake Resilience in Buildings with Weak Frames
10:20 Glulam Connections Design II Multistorey CLT Systems Design Codes Fire Safety IV Building Envelope
13:40 Hardwood Products CLT Connections Low Damage Seismic Design Timber Bridges Rehabilitation I Environment and LCA I
 15:40 Bamboo and Palm Tree Products Serviceabiity of Connections Alternative Assemblies Hybrid Building Structures Rehabilitation II Environment and LCA II
19:00 WCTE-FPS Joint Closing Banquet
                  THURSDAY AUGUST 14
9:00 New Structural Products Glued-in Rods Advances in Design Methods Light-Frame Buildings Rehabilitation III Teaching Wood Design
Keynote Speaker: Dominique Gauzin-Müller
Wood Architecture in Europe - Austrian Precision Meets French Spirit
11:40 WCTE Closing